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Easy Online Drivers License in Texas

The Texas Drivers License Online Director of Admissions is the official custodian of all student records. All requests for student records must be directed to his/her office.

The word “permit” refers to the acts of giving, utilizing, or receiving non-permitted aid during examinations or in the preparation of reports or any other class work that the Mentor use as a basis for evaluation for Texas Drivers Education Practice Test.

The following are some specific examples of cheating: Preparing, prior to an exam, written information, which may then be used during the exam without the mentor’s knowledge or permission. Obtaining from or giving to another student any non-permitted information during an exam or while preparing class work, homework, or assignments.

Changing the answers on an exam or an exercise, after it has been returned, and then asking for a re-grade of that exam or exercise. Having another person prepare reports or take exams on a student’s behalf. Turning in, as their own, term papers or reports that would have been either purchased or borrowed from another source

When copying verbatim another person’s work (i.e. words, phrases, sentences, or entire passages), a student must credit that person through the use of quotation marks and appropriate documentation (e.g. MLA or APA style). When paraphrasing another person’s work (i.e. borrowing but rewording that person’s facts, opinions, or ideas), a student must give proper credit through the use of appropriate documentation.

Every student in Texas Drivers License Online, as well as every employee of Texas Drivers License Online, is expected to abide by the laws of the State of Texas and of the United States and a violation of any of these laws shall constitute a violation of the policies and rules of Texas Drivers License Online and appropriate disciplinary action will follow.

Texas Drivers License Online recognizes that it cannot and should not attempt to list every action which could result in disciplinary procedures and the enumeration of certain specific rules intended to exclude other rules which are also laws, as well as those rules which are generally accepted conduct for citizens of the community.

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