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Welcome to Texas Driver Education Online Learning Academy.

Parents and students should be aware of the Texas Adult Driver Education Online dress code stated in the Student Rights and Responsibilities and Code of Conduct and Discipline. Subject to the approval of Texas Driver Education Online, Learning Center Directors may establish additional specific standards for their own Learning Centers. These standards will be published and distributed to students and a copy will be filed with the administration and posted in each Learning Center.

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It is the policy of Texas Driver Ed Online that all Learning Centers shall maintain a non-sectarian environment at all times. It is important to note that Texas Driver Education Online does not endorse nor promote any form of religious courses or activities conducted by an organization providing a Learning Center or provided at the same or related facility

Texas Adult driving school Online is a school of choice enabling children to reach their full potential and perform successfully on standardized testing at the national level. Adult Drivers Class is a leading model for educating Texas adults by making available previously inaccessible resources to all students

Because of the geographic distribution of Driver Ed Online TX Learning Centers, snow days at the individual Learning Centers will be determined by the school district where the Learning Center resides, unless contacted by Texas Driver EducationOnline.

School closures and delays are made with student safety foremost in mind. Most school district websites and hotlines will also indicate early closures due to inclement weather. Parents will also stay informed of snow days and early releases in the school district where their Learning Center resides via local T.V. and radio stations.

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